20 times Kennedy Osei and his wife, Tracey Osei served us with stunning photos as couple

Zion August 22, 2021
Updated 2021/08/22 at 9:33 AM

Fashion rocks, it as well defines an individual. Since their inception into the limelight, Kennedy Osei and his wife, Tracey Osei have become the most admired celebrity couple in the country.


Like the “Royal Wedding” the ceremony that brought the two together as couple became the talk of town. It as well as dominated all discussions for more than a week. With all the fancy cars that stormed the ceremony, it was such a lavish wedding.

Because fashion is money, and the family is seriously rich, Kennedy Osei and his wife, Tracey Osei never disappoints with their fashion sense. They always come out very unique and styled with the most beautiful outfits one can ever think of.

Dear reader, I thereby present to you 20 times Kennedy Osei and his wife, Tracey Osei opened eyes with unique styles.

Amazing huh, the secrete truth is that Kennedy’s wife, Tracy Osei is known to be a fashion illustrator and designed most of the elegant suits worn by her husband and Fada Dickson, as well as the business mogul himself, Osei Kwame Despite.

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