If you like to cook or drink tea, you’re probably familiar with popular herbs like mint and basil; similarly, you may have already burned dried sage to remove negativity from your home. However, did you know that you can cultivate these (and many other) plants at home to bring positive energy into your space? Keeping a fresh potted herb in your house might bring you more good luck, especially if you have a green thumb. Let’s have a look at seven herbs that can bring you extra luck and prosperity .

1. Aloe Vera


The gel extracted from the plant’s lush leaves is often used to treat sunburns and insect bites, but did you know that the Aloe Vera plant was also used to ward off evil and bring good fortune in the past? Plant this plant in your outdoor garden to ward off bad luck.

Aloe Vera is a therapeutic and protective plant.

2. Lavender plant

Growing the lavender plant brings relaxing and balanced vibrations into your area, as you are surely aware of the instantly soothing aroma of lavender. Keep lavender in your home for a boost of mental well-being and optimism.

Love, protection, luck, sleep, happiness, and positivity are all symbols of lavender.

3. Chamomile Plant

The chamomile flower, which is most commonly seen dried and packaged in teabags, adds a cheerful, sunny vibe to any atmosphere. This vibrant plant is said to bring you good financial fortune.

Chamomile is a flower that represents joy, optimism, and happiness.

4. Thyme Plant

Thyme, a common cooking spice, can help you attract luck in your career. Take a thyme plant home if you’re looking for a new job or a promotion, or if you’re starting a business!

Thyme also represents courage and strength.

5. Bay Laurel Plant

The bay laurel (Latin name: Laurus nobilis) is grown for it’s aromatic leaves, which when dried are used in cooking to enhance flavour.

Bay leaves are another ubiquitous cooking herb, but they can also bring you luck if you grow them. The vibration of the bay laurel plant is both strong and emotionally balanced. You can also burn dried bay leaves to clear a room of negative energy or place the leaves of the bay laurel plant in your wallet to attract wealth.

The bay laurel represents harmony, abundance, and pleasant energy.

6. Lemon Balm Plant

If you’re feeling stressed about your finances, try growing a lemon balm plant. Both its scent and its energetic vibration are known to soothe frayed nerves and promote a sense of ease, which can help you to take the practical steps needed to bring abundance into your life.

Lemon balm symbolizes abundance, calm and peace.

7. Chives Plant

Chives are a perennial herb that may be grown both indoors and out and are associated with eternity, abundance, and longevity. They also represent balance and harmony.

In summary, growing a potted herb at home (or planting one in your garden!) not only adds a splash of color to your area, but it can also help you attract money, stay cheerful, and feel more at ease in your daily life. A simple potted plant can be your best buddy when it comes to financial success, mental wellbeing, love, and luck with a little love and care!

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