If we want to fully commit to serving God, we must believe all Jesus says. One of the things He tells us (and we constantly seem to forget) is that angels exist! They are not only real, but we all have one watching over us at all times. But how well do we really know these unseen protectors?

The following are the things you didn’t know about your Guardian Angel:


1. Angels like to get dressed-up (kind of)

Angels are pure spirits, hence they have no physical bodies. Angels, on the other hand, will assume human form when necessary (which is very unusual). This assumption of a physique is similar to how we dress for special occasions, but their clothing is perfect (I can never get my costumes the way that I imagined them).

2. They are super-geniuses

Angels do not think in the same way that humans do. To travel from one notion to the next, we need reasoning.

Angels simply know that God loves everyone all the time. They don’t take any intermediate steps; they just get to the end. They are always having insights. As a result, they are always thinking about humanity, other angels, and God.

3. Angels are snowflakes

As in, each angel is distinct and distinct from the others, to the point where each angel may be regarded a new species. This means that each angel has their own distinct personality.

4. Angels can’t get bored.

Angels have no chronological time because they exist outside of our space-time, which means they never have to wait and can’t become bored because they are part of the immaterial world. Not only that, but guardian angels are never bored because humans are the focus of their attention, and humans do not stop, they simply continue.

5. They love Mankind

Love logically comes after learning something. Because angels have the capacity for thought (they are sentient) and decision-making (they have free will), they will our well, which is exactly what love is. They are only motivated by the desire to see us in heaven, where we belong.

6. Angels are always in contact with God

They are praising God and learning what He wants them to know even when they are listening to us talk. They can be present to multiple things at once because they are beings outside of space. This implies that they never leave heaven and always function on Earth.

7. They contain the space in which they operate

My guardian angel has never actually hovered above me, but since they don’t have bodies, it makes sense that they are always around us.

Angels are constantly attempting to motivate us with ideas that will take us to heaven. There is an angel watching over, leading, illuminating, and loving you right now because angels are real. Make it a practice to thank and honor your guardian angel more often. Pray to them when you’re having a bad day.