For the first time in her life, actress Benedicta Gaffah has decided to give her fans and followers a glimpse of her raw and naturally glowing healthy skin in new photos

She took to her Instagram page to share photos that revealed scars and dark spots on visible parts of her body which clearly gave the impression that the images were not subjected to any editing tools.


A closer look at the photo shows they were probably taken with a mobile phone and not a professional camera that needed retouching to enhance her beauty for the gram.

According to Benedicta Gaffah, her motive for sharing the raw photos is to appreciate and flaunt her beautiful smooth skin.

“I chose not to edit these pictures. Y’all can see the scars on my legs. Just appreciating my skin. Big mood, healthy skin goals,” she wrote.

Check out the photos below.

Benedicta Gaffah

Celebrities are noted for sharing photos that have been subjected to massive editing procedures on social media for commercial purposes or personal uses.

In their effort to showcase their perfect-looking lifestyle, they end up impressing their fans and followers to also do whatever it takes to look perfect like them.

Benedicta Gaffah has set an example that she’s not perfect like she always makes it seem and that her trick has always been the use of editing tools and filters.