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A wild twerking video of JHS School Madam goes Viral

A well-endowed female junior high school teacher has transgressed the bounds of

Zion Zion April 12, 2022

A monkey fell in love with cat and tries to kiss her, watch viral video

A very cute video of a monkey and a cat is going

Zion Zion April 4, 2022

A huge snake doing pole dance on a coconut tree, watch viral video

Often we get to see many funny videos on social media which

Zion Zion April 4, 2022

Watch the special treatment that men are being given at a barbershop (VIDEOS).

The internet has erupted after videos surfaced online showing the special treatment

Zion Zion April 3, 2022

Husband shares CCTV footage of wife scaling wall to go see her boyfriend [watch]

A man has announced his intentions to end the marriage between him

Zion Zion March 23, 2022

Lady parades her big ‘Nyash’ while pantiless and men are going nuts

Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife, Nicah The Queen, has once again caused a commotion

Zion Zion March 9, 2022

Herbalist Teaches How To Tie Down A Person You Love Permanently With Onions (VIDEO)

A female herbalist has taken it upon herself to teach people how they can

Zion Zion March 5, 2022

You can’t try this with me” – Outrage over video of University lecturer flogging student on his butt

Outrage video of UNIUYO lecturer flogging student on his butt goes viral 

Zion Zion February 25, 2022

See how this female teacher went to class dressed – The video goes viral and leaves Netizens cursing

A video of a scantily dressed teacher has gone viral and sparked

Zion Zion February 24, 2022

WATCH: Lady Storms Hotel to catch her boyfriend cheating only to discover a stunning birthday bash [Watch]

A lady got emotional after bumping into a surprise birthday party fashioned

Zion Zion February 23, 2022