Drama as husband catches his wife being chewed by her side guy in front of their newborn baby (VIDEO)

Zion January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 10:02 PM

There was drama after a man caught his newly-wed wife cheating on him in their matrimonial home, and to make matters worse, he was doing it right in front of their newborn baby.


In the video, the cheating pair can be seen sitting on the man’s well-laid bed, looking scared and confused as they cover up their faces out of shame.

The man, who was stark naked, is seen with arms wrapped around his waist as he tries to cover up his ‘cassava’.

The cheating woman, who looks helpless, has nothing to do but stare at her hubby with a remorseful face.

The victim being cheated on can be heard on the other side of the camera screaming and shouting at the pair, perhaps demanding answers that seem not forthcoming.

Watch the video below.

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