Top Ghanaian gospel artists accused of bleaching their skin
Top Ghanaian gospel artists accused of bleaching their skin

Skin bleaching in the world over the years has become nothing new to us and everyone on the globe, as even some top gospel celebrities who have dark complexion are accused of trying to erase them for a different complexion.

No wonder the 2005 Ghana Health Service report reveals that approximately 30% of Ghanaian women and 5% of Ghanaian men were actively bleaching. The same statistic indicated that currently, 50% to 60% of adult Ghanaian women are currently or have at one time or the other actively used bleaching agents (Konlan 2016).

One would not think that gospel artists who are more or less preachers of God’s word could become victims of skin bleaching. However, in this post, I have compiled a list of top gospel artists in Ghana who have been in a particular time of their life, accused of bleaching their skin.

Lady Prempeh

Lady Prempeh is one sensational gospel artist. Issues on her bleaching sparked social media few years ago. On her rise in the Ghana music industry, Lady Prempeh had a dark complexion unlike the fair lady we see on our screens these days. This is a photo of her transformation.

Gifty Osei

Another favorite of many gospel lovers in Ghana. Gifty Osei addresses herself as the only ‘Empress’ in the Ghana music industry. She has also been accused of transforming from her chocolate complexion to a very fair woman. These photo of her transformation below confirms the accusation.

Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah is one gospel artist who always condemned the act of skin bleaching. It was until recently that Ghanaians saw that she herself had become a victim of the act she once condemned. See photos of her transformation.

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Obaaba Christy

She’s one of the most successful gospel artists in Ghana, best known for her beauty and style of music. Formerly identified by the name Christiana Love, the sensational gospel artist was accused of bleaching her skin from her chocolate complexion to the very fair Obaa Christy we know today. Checkout a photo of her transformation below.

Ama Boahemaa

Ama Boahemaa’s case is the most obvious example of skin bleaching among our gospel artists. She was known to be very dark in complexion until her recent comeback from hide out revealed that, she had changed completely into a ‘white lady’. She accrued her transformation to the fact that she was consuming a lot of milk. Check out a photo of her transformation below.

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There is this idea that, if you want to look beautiful, you just have to turn your dark complexion to become fair (bleaching). Is that what these gospel artists are practicing? What of the adage that says ” Black is beauty ”.

I don’t even understand why they are all women. Would you agree that men hardly bleach their skin?

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