Ghanaians Uneasy about D Black’s leaked sex tape

Zion September 18, 2020
Updated 2020/09/18 at 12:50 AM
Nicole, Lady in D-Black's viral leaked bedroom video pops up again (video)

It’s sad to report but trending on social media right now is the leaked bedroom video of Desmond Blackmore, known within the showbiz space as D Black.


The video had D Black being ridden hard by an unknown lady. The hitmaker of “Vera” after the lady riding her decided to reciprocate by giving her some hot licking.

It’s unknown how the video leaked but it’s trending number one on all Ghanaian social media space and internet users arelikewise reacting crazily to the video.

@kojo_mufasah wrote: At least now we all know why Dr UN found it necessary to give D Black an award

@ony3duna wrote: D Black’s new FIFA rating after the leak
Licking 93
Banging 79
Duration 84
Cuddling 74
Overall Rating 86

@OkwasiaBiNti: D black came to McBrown ein show and he couldn’t speak twi fluently
I thought maybe because he dey uptown more times or something saa na man dey download ein bl3 from white ladies dema coochie through licking Hardest guy

@KwabenaGyam_: D black is eating the distin like cerelac. He clearly doesn’t care about his PH levels if he’s consuming that much acid.

@OkwasiaBiNti: The lady said, D black go back to eat my coochie The way guyman ein eyes all make red de3, asure say onion then garlic all dey the coochie inside Ap3tw4 dblack Face with tears of joy.

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