BusinessHow To Register Your Sim Card With Ghana Card

How To Register Your Sim Card With Ghana Card

All To Know About The Ongoing SIM Card Registration Exercise


The nationwide SIM Card Registration Exercise commenced on 1 October, 2021. The 6-month exercise is expected to end on 31″ March, 2022. Failure to register your SIM Card(s) by the deadline will mean that, you will not be able to make voice enlls, use mobile money services, internet, and all other services linked to your SIM Card.


Benefits of the SIM Card Registration

a. To curb fraudulent and criminal activities

b. Secure SIM Card based transactions

c. To help develop and build a SIM database with integrity, boosting confidence and security for the use of services dependent on the communications network d. To help determine at every point in time the accurate number of valid and accurate

SIMs on the networks

e. For Operators, the exercise will enable them to build better demographics of their customer base and help them develop products and services to suit the various groupings

f. The Regulator, NCA, will also depend on the statistics generated by the data to:

regulate the industry even better.

g. On the economic front, the SIM Registration will enhance economic growth and gradually formalise the informal sector as people will now be able to access E-Government services and other private e-services. In addition, the SIM Registration will also support financial inclusion across the vulnerable sectors.

Identification Documents Required

Identification Documents In accordance with Regulation 7(1) (1) of the National Identity Register, the National ID Card (Ghana Card) is the mandatory Identification Document that shall be used for the Registration of SIM Cards. However, Businesses and Foreigners would be required to use the below: However, Businesses and Foreigners would be required to use the under listed:

SIM UserID Required
Ghanaian Businesses
Any Business operating in Ghana and using SIM Cards and new Businesses intending to own and use SIM cards in future.
Business Certificate of Incorporation & Ghana Card/Non-Citizens National ID Card of Director(s) and/or Shareholder(s) of the company
Resident in GhanaNon-Citizen National ID Card or Ghana Card for Foreign Nationals
On a short visit less than 90 days (ECOWAS nationals and other nationals) Passport or ECOWAS Card

Individuals are to desist from using their Ghana Cards, Business documents or Passports to register a SIM Card(s) for unknown persons as they may be held responsible if the SIM Card (s) is found to have been used to commit a fraudulent activity or activities.

Registration Process

➤ Existing SIM Cards:

  • USSD for Stage 1 – Subscribers are required to send the following details from their Ghana Card to Short Code 404 (404#); First name and Surname, Date of Birth, Ghana Card PIN, Sex (all as captured on the Ghana Card)
  • SIM Registration App for Stage 2 – Capturing of Ghana Card and Biometric

information by Agents of the various Network Operators.

➤ New SIMs/New & Existing BWA SIMS:

  • The following details from Subscriber’s Ghana Card will be sent to Short Code 404( 404#) by the Customer Care O6fficer or Agent of your Service Provider: First name and Surname, Date of Birth, Ghana Card PIN, Sex.
  • SIM Registration App for Stage 2 – Capturing of Ghana Card and Biometric information by Agents of the various Network Operators.

➤ Businesses

  • Business Entities will go through a due diligence process with their Operator, which includes the Network Provider verifying business registration documents with the Registrar General’s Department (RGD). After that has been done. successfully, the MNO will take the Listed Director of the entity through the SIM Registration App and link Business SIM cards to the Listed Director’s Ghana Card.

Cost of Registration

The registration is at no cost to Subscribers. New Subscribers will only be required to pay for the SIM cards and not for the registration. Subscribers are advised to desist from paying monies to Agents or Vendors who ask for payment for registering their St Card(s).

SIM Card Ownership

Individual Subscribers can own a maximum of ten (10) SIM Cards across all networks. Foreign residents and foreign visitors are eligible to own up to ten (10) and three (3) SIM cards respectively across all networks.

For consumer choice, Subscribers are to decide which networks to spread the SIM Cards across. However, there is no limit on the number of SIM Cards that may be owned by Businesses. It is worth noting that personal SIM Cards registered by the Listed Director shall be separate from registered Business SIM Cards.

The Government has noted that as a result of the Pandemic, younger people are using connected devices for their online educational activities. To accommodate this, and in cognisance of the importance of communications services, the age for owning a SIM Card is set at 15 years. For people younger than 15 years of age, it will be necessary for them to have an adult register for them. The adult should be a parent or guardian of the individual who is less than 15 years of age.

Key Things to Look Out for when Registering

  • On the Ghana Card, your Personal Identification Number (PIN) starts with GHA. Eg. GHA-123456789-0
  • Do not include hyphens (-) when typing your Ghana Card PIN. eg GHA1234567890
  • Make sure you have your Digital Address ready for the second stage of the Registration.
  • Dial *404# again if it does not work the first time
  • Dial *400# to check the status of your SIM Card Registration and to access your unique code.

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