I have the sweetest Pu$sy in the world – Bobrisky

Zion April 13, 2022
Updated 2022/04/13 at 1:05 PM

Bobrisky after declaring that he is no longer a cross-dresser but a fully mature woman has made a shocking revelation about men like him.


Following the impending law set to outlaw cross-dressing and prosecute the practitioners, Bobrisky declared that e’s no longer a crossdresser.

According to him, he can prove that he’s no longer a crossdresser but has smoothly transitioned into a woman.

Born Idris Okuneye revealed that he is not a crossdresser, as he has undergone several operations to augment his physical attributes to become a woman.

He posted; “I’m not a cross a dresser, I’m a woman. Have done many surgeries that can’t be reversed such as lipo, boobs etc… when the time come even court self go confirm as say I’m now a girl.”

However, the self-proclaimed social media Barbie worse has made a bold statement on how men like him.

During a question and answer session on the internet with his fans, Bobrisky mentioned that he presently has the sweetest vajayjay in the world.

Bobrisky said this while answering a fan who wanted to know how he usually hides his d!ck.

Responding to the question, Bobrisky said,

“It has been taken out long time ago. Why do you think men die on my matter. My kpekus is the sweetest”.

See the Screenshot below:

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