Captain Smart, the host of Angel FM’s morning show has hit back at one Reginald Seth Dogboe who is believed to be the personal assistant of businessman Alfred Woyome.

Seth Dogboe, according to Captain Smart, had sent a message to him through his colleague Kofi Adoma Nwanwani enumerating what he considers to be falsehoods peddled by Captain Smart on his show.

The statement pointed out that Captain Smart’s claim that the late President Mills on two occasions blocked payment of the monies to Woyome was false.

It furthered that assertions by the radio presenter that Kennedy Agyapong bought copies of the Auditor-General report are untrue.

Reacting to these claims, Captain Smart stated that he cannot be cowed into silence by anyone in the country.

Taking on each point raised by Woyome’s PA, Captain Smart insisted that a plethora of facts exists to validate his submissions and that as far as he is concerned, Woyome befits the labelling of ‘thief’.

“When I do my investigations and it comes out that you are a thief, I will call you a thief. If a court of competent jurisdiction declares [you] as a thief, I will call you a thief until there’s an appeal and you win.

‘You can take me anywhere. You are blockheaded. You claim Professor Mills did not block the payment of the money to Woyome on two occasions, go and check the EOCO report. According to [an] EOCO report, Professor Mills asked that the full payment should not be made until investigations are concluded. Ask your boss why the money was paid through Kwabena Duffour’s bank. I’m daring you to come here so that we debate this.”

“Ask Kennedy Agyapong how he [got] the documents about the payment. You claim the Auditor-General report is falsified, does your uncle work at Auditor-General. Kennedy Agyapong was the first person to speak about the issue on radio and he had to pay a huge amount for the document.”

“You think your boss was the only beneficiary of the judgment debt? Have you forgotten he said that he bought cars for some people only for the people to come out and deny? The nine Supreme Court justices who sat on the case said it was create, loot and share, so your boss had to refund the money. Your boss was found guilty and asked to refund the monies. I don’t know you but if you have any issues, deal with it at home. You can scare any presenter in the country but not me. I was not born to be a coward so you can never intimidate me. We will collect the money from your boss,” he said.

The Supreme Court, on July 29, 2014, ordered Mr Woyome to refund GH¢51.2 million to the state because he got the money out of unconstitutional and invalid contracts between the state and Waterville Holdings Limited in 2006 for the construction of stadia for CAN 2008.

It was the view of the court that the contracts upon which Mr Woyome made and received the claim were in contravention of Article 181 (5) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, which required such contracts to be laid before and approved by Parliament.


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