KiDi once again showed how much he loved women during a performance with Gyakie at his ‘Live with KiDi’ show last night.

During the show, the two hit the stage for a spectacular performance.


KiDi did not disappoint as he showed his womanising self once again.

Whilst dancing and simultaneously performing, KiDi tried to get as close as possible to Gyakie so he could ‘twiii’ her backside.
You could see in his diabolical brain that he was planning how to get closer to Gyakie inch by inch.

He had already gotten his crotch ready as he inched step by step to Gyakie’s bum.

Gyakie however was ready for KiDi’s moves.

As they were dancing and he came closer, she also got closer and closer to him but never allowed him to ‘Touch It’.

At the last moment, she just swerved and continued her dancing elsewhere, leaving KiDi with an amused look on his face.

He just knew that he had been swerved!

Social media users quickly noticed the incident and started trolling KiDi for it.

Watch below: