Man caught on camera stealing pineapples from a moving truck (VIDEO)

Zion February 13, 2022
Updated 2022/02/13 at 6:59 PM

– A Twitter user has shared a video of a man caught on camera stealing from a lorry that was transporting pineapples to Demonte Company in Thika.


Armed with a sack, the middle-aged man, who was waiting for the perfect time to strike, jumped on the lorry when the driver slowed down on a bump and hanged dangerously, before stealing several pineapples.

He then took flight after accomplishing his mission.

According to Twitter users, such incidents are common around Makongeni.

“They lose lots of pineapples such way around makongeni.

“I saw one lorry last week stuck in traffic and over 10 looters were doing the same thing,” A twitter user who witnessed the same incident last week commented.

“They do this in makongeni all the time. l keep asking myself is it rocket science to prevent this theft? eg they do a removable cage with reinforced wire mesh to cover the structure leaving no room for the hustlers to mount on the truck c’mon Del Monte you can do better than this,” another one added.

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