Optical Illusions are a great way to test your perspective and personality. The new viral trend on the internet has caught the attention of many and people often take optical illusion tests to check out their personality traits. Optical illusion images often have more than two elements or a single image with different perspectives. Today’s optical illusion will blow your mind as you can see the following things in the photo – a face of a man, a woman reading a book, a table and a chair. Out of the four, the thing which catches your attention first reveals your strength and weakness. Let’s look at the personality trait that each one of the four elements predicts.

Face of a man

If you see a face of a man at first, then you are a person with great emotional and mental balance. You can handle difficult situations without breaking down. You do not fear challenges but take them with stability and content. You inspire a lot of people due to this trait. However, just like every person you have your shortcomings too. When you start feeling a lot, you disassociate yourself. Even in normal situations, you keep a guard on for your emotions and do not express them. This has distanced you from your family and friends.


A woman reading a book

reveals that you are an intellectual person. You love learning and exploring new things and new topics. If you are interested in any topic, you dive into it to gain as much knowledge as you can. However, your weakness is that you stay away from things that do not interest you. You often neglect your surroundings and cut off from people who do not share your interests. It makes you careless sometimes.

A table

If you looked at the table with white cloth at first, then you are a great listener. You patiently listen to what others have to say to increase your understanding. Your listening skills make people comfortable coming to you to open up. While your communications skills are excellent, your decision-making is not that great. You help others to take an action by talking to them about the pros and cons of a situation, but when it comes to you, you take a step back.

A chair

If you noticed a chair first in the image, then it reveals your unique perspective towards life. You offer a different outlook to difficult situations which helps you tackle them in a better way. However, you can’t stay focus on a single thing for a long time. This is your biggest weakness. You often get distracted by the situations and things around you.