How to partition a hard disk


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Partitioning a hard disk means dividing the hard disk into different parts. Please know that partitioning a hard drive is a very simple process and it won’t take much of your time but if mistakes are made, your disk can damaged completely. I advise that you know what you are doing and backup your data before continuing. Steps are listed below;

  • Start by opening disk manager. Go to the start menu on your desktop and right click, select disk manager from the menu that appears

On disk manager you will see all the drives that are currently available on your laptop or desktop. Choose the drive you want to shrink. Right click on the selected drive and select shrink from the menu that appears, a little process will go on here. wait for it to complete.

How to partition a hard disk
  • You will see the current size of the drive, free space and size which you want to shrink. Now enter the amount of space you want to free, be sure that the size you want to shrink should not exceed the free space. Now click shrink button.
How to partition a hard disk
Image Source: Wikihow
  • In the disk management window you will see an unallocated space at the right bottom corner. Right-click on it and select New Simple Volume.
How to partition a hard disk
Image Source: Wikihow
  • Now click Next and Enter the size of drive you want to create and click next, next and  Finish. Now a New Volume or Drive will be created with the desired size.
How to partition a hard disk
Image Source: Wikihow

This is simply how to partition a hard drive on your PC, note that this process should be followed step by step and mistakes should not be make. know that in case you make any mistake it can cause your hard drive to damage.

importance of partitioning a hard drive is that it makes it easier to organize files, such as video and photo libraries and also prevents system data from corrupting since each partition has it’s own file system.

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