Chinese Names for Boys
Chinese Names for Baby Boys

Popular Chinese Names for Boys and meanings

This post mainly target the best male chinese names and their meanings. Chinese parents generally consult an astrologer to suggest a good name for their babies. They use charts to determine which of the elements (water, wood, fire, gold and earth), can be associated with the baby’s time of birth. According to the traditions and customs of the Chinese people, male children mostly acquire family names, which come from ethnic groups

Moreover, The best Chinese names for boys follow the three-character rule. The first character is the family name and the remaining two are for the given name.  If you’re looking to name your child on your own, we’ve got some great options. Check out this list and choose from it to name your cute baby boy.


Male Chinese Names and their meanings

AiAffection or love.
Aigu Means patriotic.
An NaQuiet and graceful.
BaiMeans something clear or white.
Bao Means treasure.
BardeBarde in Chinese means ‘someone who sings ballads’.
Bingwen Means waves it also used to mean an elder brother.
BohaiSimply means sea waves
BojingGentle waves
BolinMeans gentle rain
Boqin Boqin simply means senior respect.
Chang Means old or to grow it can also mean ‘unhindered spirit’
Changing flourishing bright.
Changpu flourishing vine
Chaosomeone who surpasses and forms his own journey
ChenMeans the morning or someone with a great personality
ChengMeans accomplished
CheungMeans fortunate man
ChonglinSecond brother unicorn
ChunA name that pays tribute to the season of blossoms.
ChuanliMeans transmitting propriety
DaMeans intelligent
DelunMeans someone who lays down the law and gives justice or virtuous order
DemingMeans virtue bright
DingbangDingbang means a person who is willing to protect his proud or Patriot
DishiMeans someone with a high virtue’
DonghaiMeans eastern sea
DuyiMeans all one
FaTo send
FaiThis is a Chinese name that means ‘beginning’
FangSquare in the sense of correctness.
FengMeans ‘maple’.
HaiMeans the sea
HanHan in Chinese means Korean
HaoA Chinese name that means ‘perfect’ or ‘good’.
HengMeans persevering
HongMeans something great or vast

Chinese Names for boys And Their Meanings

You could combine names together too, and create your own unique blend of Chinese names. That is a great way to bring families together therefore making your boy proud of his name. There are plenty of options available for Chinese boys and you can take your pick from this unique list. Although the focus is on Chinese Names for boys, most of these names are also unisex. This implies that you could even consider them for your daughter as well.

HuaMeans ‘prosperous’.
HuiSmart and clever.
JiangMeans a flowing river or someone who is determined
Jiao-longRepresents someone with dragon-like qualities.
JinJin means ‘gold’ or ‘someone who is wealthy’.
LimMeans ‘an evergreen forest’.
ManchuManchu is a popular and exotic name for Chinese boys that means ‘purity’.
MenciusMeans the ‘eldest son’ or ‘power’.
MingMing means ‘shining’ or ‘bright’
PingMeans ‘someone with a level mind’ or ‘peaceful’.
Qing yuanMeans ‘deep water’
QiuMeans ‘autumn’
RongSomeone who brings prosperity and honor to his family’.
RuMeans ‘someone who is like a scholar’.
ShanMeans ‘an old and wise man’.
ShingShing means ‘to be victorious’
ShuiSomeone who is like water’.
ShuoA unique and great achievement that brings wealth’.
TaioMeans a great person who will achieve a lot’.
TuIntelligence or a fast learner
PengSomeone who is a grandson of the Great emperor Zhuan Xu.
HongMeans ‘someone with a big heart’.
CaihongMeans ‘someone who is colourful like the rainbow’.
LanMeans ‘orchid’, an important flower in the Chinese culture.
LingMeans ‘the unbreakable spirit’.
Mei-huiMeans ‘someone who is wise and beautiful in nature’.
ShufenMeans ‘someone who is well-liked’.
Shu-huiSomeone who has great intelligence.
Zhen‘Real’, ‘virtuous’ or ‘precious’.
Chia-HaoSomeone who has a great objective in their lives’.
HaoranA cool sounding Chinese name for boy, Haoran means ‘a person who is grand in manner and has a great goal’.
LiangA popular Chinese name for boys and it means ‘someone who is brilliant and bright in nature’.
Powerful Chinese Male Names and Meanings

Best Chinese male names

  • Huiliang: Means kind and good
  • Gui: Means honourable. It also means dear or valuable.
  • Da: Means intelligent.
  • Honguhui: Means great splendour
  • Xing: Means a star or a spark
  • Xiu: Means fine or beautiful.
  • Yongliang: Means forever bright.
  • Yuanjun: Means fountain of joy.
  • Zemin: Means kindness to the people
  • Rong: Means honour, glory
  • Wesiheng: Means greatness is born.
  • Yongrui: Means forever lucky.
  • Yongzheng: Means forever righteous.
  • Xiaoli: Means intellectual.

Chinese male names meaning strong

  • Gen: Means a root.
  • Longwei: Means dragon greatness.
  • Lei: Means thunder.
  • Jian: Means very strong and indefatigable
  • Qiang: Means strong or good.
  • Qiqiang: Means enlightenment and strength.
  • Tingfeng: Means a thunderbolt peak
  • Weimin: Means people’s hero.
  • Wesheng: Means greatness is born Xiaobo:
  • Means little wrestler.
  • Weisheng: Means greatness is born.
  • Zihao: Means son heroic

Chinese believe that ancestors bring pride to their families for many years. For this reason, they maintain family names w naming their newborn. This ensures maintenance of their culture and their traditions while retaining the ancestry name. Meanwhile choose your best among these Chinese names for boys that this article has provided.


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