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S3x Auntie shows women how to steam ‘Nunu’ to make it clean and tight – Do this and your husband will never cheat on you (WATCH)

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Famous sex auntie, Getrude Mungai, has shared a video in a spa steaming her ‘Nunu’.


In the video, the mother of two is seen spreading her legs before seating on a steaming ceramic pot the size of a soup bowl, with smoke billowing from the pot.

The smoke is meant to remove unpleasant odors, improve blood circulation and cure yeast infections.

 The spices and herbs used in the steaming process also tighten the ‘Nunu’ by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Women are advised to go for vaginal steaming once a month.

Vaginal steaming originated from Indonesia.

The tradition lives on for Indonesian brides to date as a way to “freshen up” in preparation for their wedding night.

Below is the video that Getrude posted.

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