School Madam caught ‘having $3x’ during zoom meeting, video drops [Watch]

Zion February 1, 2022
Updated 2022/02/01 at 1:57 AM

A certain school teacher who appeared on zoom meeting in an unusual p0sition on the b£d has got students and the school authorities talking as they discuss p£nalizing her.


While the meeting was ongoing, she was shouting on the bed in a d00ggy position and it showed that someone was giving it to her at the back.

She was unperturbed but was still showing her face on the zoom meeting and the man at her back was also seen.

They wrote; “Birmingham City School teacher caught in a very awkward position during a meeting”

“According to several teachers that claim to know her personally she was in a meeting and they don’t believe she was having interc0urse but many students have alleged otherwise”

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