SHS Girl Beaten Mercilessly By Mother After A Video of Her Kissing With Her Boyfriend Went Viral

Zion December 5, 2021
Updated 2021/12/05 at 3:09 AM

A video that is currently making rounds on social media captures the exact moment a Ghanaian woman lashed her daughter for posting a video of herself enjoying a kiss with her boyfriend..


The video available to captures the two kids, who are in their teens, kissing each other like a couple of Hollywood stars acting the scenes in a movie.

As a parent, especially in Africa, it’s going to be extremely disconcerting to see a video of your daughter engaging in that.

After the video of the kids went viral, the mother of the girl involved decided to teach her a very valuable lesson.

In another video, the mother is seen beating the hell out of the girl.

She laid the smackdown on the girl and made you remember your own childhood.

Back in the day, our teachers had more liberty in disciplining children and most of us have had such a beating, if not worse, during our school days.

The mother was really livid and beat up her daughter with no mercy!

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