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Thirty-something Belgian couple Nick and Lins De Corte are naturists. They travel the world unclothed wherever possible, documenting their adventures on their blog, Naked Wanderings, and a corresponding Instagram account.

They’ve scuba-dived sans-clothes off the island of Utila, in Honduras, drunk beers in the buff in Portugal, and hiked nude through the Amazon rainforest.

After three months stuck in the stunning surroundings of Zipolite, Oaxaca, Nick and Lins De Corte made it back to Europe in July. Since then, they’ve been traveling around France — “because the options are so big in France, there are so many naturist places.

The De Cortes are both from the city of Ghent in Belgium, where they met and got together about 12 years ago.
“Quite soon after, we discovered naturism, it was pretty much by coincidence,” says Nick.
The couple went to a spa center in Belgium, where nudity was compulsory.

“We went there, it was a great experience. We went there again and again, and after several times, we started exploring other options — with social nudity, with naturism — and that’s how we discovered naturist clubs, naturist campgrounds, activities, events, and just rolled more and more into naturism,” Nick tells CNN Travel. [SEE PHOTOS]