A video has surfaced online which shows Moesha Bodoung confessing to trying to commit suicide.

She looked dirty and unkempt as she breaks down and confesses her past sins.

According to her, being born again was not as easy as she thought. She said: “I am not going to move. You people are here. Thank you all for trying to save me from trying to kill myself. I stood there, and I wanted to jump off the building. And these guys saved me.

“When you give your life to Christ. It’s not as easy as you think. I thought giving my life to Christ was just saying I am born-again and reading the Bible. That is not it.”

She confessed to having difficulty staying on her new path because of past sins and the company she kept. According to her, she struggled with her dreams for a long time.

She revealed that although she was willing to do honest work, nothing she touched blossomed. All her hard work went down the drain, so she thought selling herself to married men would help her feed her family.

“Every Friday, everyone knows that I hang around nightclubs. From Friday to Sunday, and even Monday, the whole week. Is that a life? Drinking, smoking, partying are all I was doing. I became worthless. All the things I wanted to do for myself, I couldn’t do it. All I was thinking about was let me just be with a married man so that he will take care of me,” she recounted.

She apologised to Ghanaians and girls that she pimped out to men to forgive her.

“So all I want to say is that I am sorry, Ghana. I am sorry to all the girls that I introduced to men. May God forgive me for my sins,” she prayed.

From now on born-again Moesha wishes to be known as Maurecia Babiinoti Bodoung.

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