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Watch: Wife Joins Side Chick In Bed With Her Husband After She Caught Them Sleeping Together

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A viral video privy to Ghverse.com shows a married woman exhibiting a very unusual reaction after catching her husband in bed with another lady.


As evident in the video, the woman whose identity we cannot confirm, simply joined them in the act and went live on Snapchat for the world to see and to teach women how to react when they catch their men in bed with other women.

In the video, the wife asked the side chick what her husband loves and asked the side chick to teach her so that she can be giving her husband what he truly likes to prevent him from going outside of the marriage to seek comfort and pleasure.  

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The video, has gone viral after it was shared by one Esther Essilfie on Facebook.

Based on our content policy with with our advertisers, we can obviously not host such content on our website. However, the video is fast trending on social media and we hope you get a glimpse yourself.

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