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Wedding disrupted as bride flees the scene after firing gun


Authorities in Uttar Pradesh, India are currently searching for a bride who discharged a firearm during her wedding ceremony.


A viral video circulating on social media captured the woman shooting four shots into the air while seated beside her husband.

The police in the area have filed a case against the bride, who has been absconding since the incident.

In certain northern states of India, celebratory gunfire during weddings is a common practice that has resulted in numerous accidental injuries and even fatalities.

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According to Indian legislation, anyone who recklessly or negligently utilizes a firearm during celebratory gunfire, thereby putting the safety of others at risk, may be punished with imprisonment, a fine, or both. In 2016, a court in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, ordered that all instances of celebratory firing must be thoroughly investigated, regardless of whether a formal police complaint had been filed.

A relative of the bride captured the footage of the incident and shared it on social media, according to reports by the Times of India. The police disclosed that the woman has been missing since the incident and is evading arrest.

Last week, a video went viral from Maharashtra, a western state in India, of a bride and groom posing for wedding photographs with a sparkler gun, which misfired and injured the bride’s face.


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