“You wanted me to come and chop you again just a few weeks ago” – Sarkodie exposes Yvonne Nelson


Sarkodie’s diss song for Yvonne Nelson has got social media users talking as it has sparked a hot conversation piece on the local digital space.
As some netizens are congratulating King Sark for doing the right thing by telling his side of the story – Others have also suggested that he was very harsh on Yvonne Nelson citing the unprintable words he used to describe his ex-lover (Ashawo).


One shocking revelation Sarkodie made in his ‘TRY ME’ diss song that has left many social media users jaw-dropped is how Yvonne texted Sark on Whatsapp just a few weeks ago that she wants to see him in her house because she still hasn’t gotten over the abortion saga.

According to Obidi, he received a text message from Yvonne Nelson on WhatsApp.

In her message, she brought up their past romantic involvement and expressed that she was still grappling with the pain associated with it.

Intrigued by her message, Sarkodie requested further clarification and suggested they meet at Skybar to discuss the matter.

However, Yvonne Nelson declined Sarkodie’s invitation to Skybar, citing the presence of too many people as the reason. Instead, she proposed that Sarkodie visit her at her house.

Being familiar with Yvonne’s tendencies, Sarkodie sensed that this invitation might be a trap.


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