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Young Lady Sтаbbəd Multiple Times After Catching Her Brother & Mother Having Sɛx (Video)

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A lady who identified herself as Maame Yaa has shared a story on how she got stabbed by her mother and brother after catching them on bed having sɛx

Having caught them doing the thing with her eyes, the lady was shocked but kept her cool like nothing happened.


Unfortunately for her, the mother and brother didn’t trust she would keep what she saw a secret you they hatched a plan to take her life.

They waited for her to sleep and then pounced on her with to stab her multiple times as she struggled with them.

Maame Yaa, 19 years of age managed to escape from the room with the knife wounds to her Aunty’s room.

The Aunty managed to get her to the hospital where she faced another problem, unavailability of beds but thankfully she eventually got treated.

Watch the lady narrate her ordeal to Kofi Adomah of Angel Fm.

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