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You’re A Failure If You Still Live With Your Parents At Age 35 — Nigel Gaisie

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General Overseer of Prophetic Hill Capel Worldwide, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has outlined certain things one must accomplish in life and inability to do them means an individual has failed in life.


The man of God said and quoted;

you have failed if at 35 you are still staying with your parents or family compound and you are a failure if you are waiting for a government before you start something with your life.

He also mentioned that you are a failure if all you think about is waiting to be fed by others, regardless of your circumstances because you can start something. The preacher also tagged those who keep repeating mistakes in the name of human weakness as failures.

According to him, anyone who believes life begins at 40 is a failure because all around the world, youngsters are taking over and at 40 certain family relations can’t reach out to you for help and a failure as a parent if your children are not greater than you or perhaps on almost the same scale.

See his post below;

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